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The PepsiCo Foundation: We feed potential.

At the heart of The PepsiCo Foundation is our belief in the potential possessed by the people and communities we serve. There are far too many communities around the world, however, that are systemically excluded from access to the essential resources they need to grow, prosper and thrive — like nutritious food, safe water and economic opportunity. That is why The PepsiCo Foundation’s work focuses on the creation of sustainable and innovative solutions to these three critical socioeconomic issues. We know that by alleviating the stress and strain of these barriers, we come one step closer to creating a more equitable world for all.

Many of the systemic barriers our work focuses on lessening were exacerbated by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this need, the Foundation went into overdrive to serve communities and health care workers in need of food and equipment. We are honored to be able to step up to the plate and be a beacon of hope to the millions of people and communities around the world impacted by this crisis. These communities are not just markets where we sell products; they are places where we, our employees and their families live, work and raise children.


What we're focused on

We’ve been investing in tangible social impact since 1962.


What we're focused on

Collaborating with industry peers, local and international organizations, nonprofits, and our employees around the globe, we are on a mission to build a more sustainable food system and equitable world for the underserved through the power of community. Listening to, learning from and being led by the communities we serve is the only way we can take on

How Our Company & the Foundation Took Action


the biggest challenges facing our global society. Though our reach is global, we understand that it takes the collaborative efforts of many to make real change in the local communities where we operate. We realized we can do even more when we join forces with industry peers, local and international organizations, and our employees to make large-scale change.


Food Security

Communities flourish when they’re getting the nutritious food they need. Children are better educated; economies grow; and people live healthier, longer lives.

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Access to safe water is a human right. This precious resource is critical to human dignity, health and economic opportunity.

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Economic Opportunity

As needs intensify globally and families are faced with increased uncertainty, our Foundation is investing to provide underserved populations with the support they need to manage through these unpredictable times and build capability for a more stable future. In each market, our approach is customized to meet local needs.

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Our COVID-19 Response

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, we’re taking proactive, science-based steps to constantly ensure the safety of our products and care for our more than 260,000 associates and their families.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused a devastating global rise in food insecurity, hunger and reduced access to food — not to mention a shortage of protective gear, medical supplies and doses of vaccine. PepsiCo and The PepsiCo Foundation shifted into high gear, investing over $71 million and working with more than 250 partners to provide protective gear for health care workers, support testing and screening services, and bring more than 145 million meals to those in at-risk populations. And we’re not done yet.

PepsiCo has committed $7 million to the United Nations Foundation as part of the One World: Together at Home campaign. Of these funds, $2 million is going to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund,

and $5 million is being distributed to the Egyptian Food Bank, Dutch Food Banks, the Netherlands Red Cross, the Belgium Food Bank, the Belgian Red Cross, Les Restos du Coeur, Secours Populaire Français, Asociacion ANDES, the Trussell Trust, FareShare, Food Forward, Red Cross South Africa, Solidarity Fund South Africa, CARE programs in Thailand, Save the Children programs in Italy, and United Way of Westchester and Putnam in New York.

In April and May of 2020, The PepsiCo Foundation pledged to contribute up to $1 million during a 2-to-1 matching program for all employees who donated to select nonprofits providing COVID-19 relief. It was our way of saying: We’re in this together.

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global partners

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PPE units made

Supporting more than
a thousand communities globally

North America

In North America, which has the most recorded cases of COVID-19 in the world, PepsiCo’s efforts are primarily focused on increasing access to nutrition for out-of-school children, delivering more than 34 million meals so far.

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Europe & Central Asia

In Europe and Central Asia, where entire countries are on lock-down and hospitals are over capacity, PepsiCo is concentrating its response on particularly hard-hit countries. Efforts are focused on bolstering the capacity of local health and relief systems.

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Latin America

To help Latin America respond to COVID-19, PepsiCo is helping strengthen local food bank capabilities and increasing access to nutrition and other resources for vulnerable children.

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Africa, the Middle East, India & South Asia

PepsiCo is also investing in Africa, the Middle East, India, and South Asia, which require a unique response due to booming populations and diverse, emerging economies. Efforts there are focused on meal distribution.

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Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand & China

In Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and China — areas that have been living with the devastating effects of COVID-19 longer than any part of the world — PepsiCo is supporting healthcare workers and addressing hunger.

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