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We've got our eyes
on 2025.

That’s the year we plan to achieve our goals of having gender parity in management roles and increasing our Black and Hispanic managerial populations, respectively, to 10%.

We're already well underway.

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Our Goals for Managerial Representation



women in

global roles


U.S. Black and



Gender Parity

To help reach our goal of having 50% women in management roles by 2025, we’re incorporating the guidelines outlined in the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles: Equality Means Business, which help companies empower the women in their workforce and, in PepsiCo’s case, the women in our food supply chains, facilities and global communities. We’re also part of Catalyst CEO Champions for Change, which pledges to advance more women and women of color into senior leadership and board positions.

Commitment to Pay Equity

We’ve doubled down on our ongoing commitment to pay equity across all levels of PepsiCo by increasing the rigor of our review processes. We take a fine-toothed comb to the numbers to assess our progress each year, keeping a promise we made in 2016 when we signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge. What’s happened since then? We’ve found that for 99% of our salaried associates, women and men are paid within 1% of each other, and that Asian, Black and Hispanic associates in the U.S. are paid within 1% of non-minorities. (These stats take into account each associate’s job level, location and performance ratings.)

It’s a good start, and one that’ll help us reach pay equity for the years to come in every country where we operate.

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