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If you’ve been drawn to the glowing sign of the Pepsi Lounge at a baseball stadium, plucked a Frappuccino from your office cooler or filled up from a PepsiCo fountain at your favorite restaurant, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the PepsiCo foodservice landscape. Just about anywhere, and on any occasion, we’re there when people crave their favorite drinks and snacks.

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Our Approach


We’re committed to helping our partners create a competitive advantage

We do this by providing not only our our unparalleled portfolio of food and beverage brands that consumers know, love and trust, but also our decades of experience — and, yes, even some of our trade secrets.

At PepsiCo Foodservice, we strive to be the premier Foodservice partner for our customers by finding new ways to provide insights-driven beverage, food, and equipment solutions, and to delight consumers wherever they are in the world.

Anne Fink

President, Global Foodservice

Consumer Insights

Exclusive consumer insights that help businesses make profitable and
smart decisions

Best-in-Class Service

Innovative, top-of-the-line equipment
and service


World-Class Marketing

Marketing initiatives that attract consumers — and their loyalty

Our Innovations


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Function meets flavor

Our innovation team never stops crunching data and digging into insights so we can deliver what consumers want. Take soulboost: It’s a new sparkling drink with functional ingredients to help you do whatever you do, like Panax ginseng in soulboost lift to provide a boost of mental stamina, and L-theanine in soulboost ease to help promote relaxation. And our new driftwell still water drink has both L-theanine and magnesium. Relax, you’ve got this.

Plants with a purpose

In 2008, PepsiCo and The Strauss Group jointly acquired the Sabra Dipping Company — and aren’t we glad we did. Sabra’s hummus and spreads have grown to include even more vegetable- and seed-based dips and salsas that keep customers coming back for more. And speaking of plants: We’re aiming to sustainably source 100% of our key ingredients by 2030, including direct-sourced crops, like potatoes and oats, and crops from third parties, such as vegetable oils and grains.

The power of Quaker Oats

The Quaker Oats Company, which has been around since the late 1800s, joined the PepsiCo family in 2001. The historic whole-grain goodness of Quaker Oats endures as a nutritious way to help start your morning — no matter how late you sleep in. Today, the Quaker lineup includes the iconic Old Fashioned Oats along with cold cereals, oat bars and rice cakes.

The sports fuel company

Gatorade has been fueling athletes for 56 years. The research extension of the brand, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, studies athletes from everyday to elite, and its findings help us develop new products like Gatorlyte, which includes a blend of five electrolytes and fluid to provide rapid rehydration for athletes.

Changing the way we snack

Frito-Lay has been helping people make better snacking choices for years, removing trans fats from our chips in 2003 and making an ongoing effort to reduce sodium that began in 2006. Since then, we’ve removed more than 400 tons (!) of sodium from our chips. Frito-Lay’s brands, such as Smartfood and Sun Chips, reflect the high demand for nutritious options and make consumers and their taste buds happy.

Function meets flavor
Plants with a purpose
The power of Quaker Oats
The sports fuel company
Changing the way we snack


Our Innovations

PepsiCo Partners

PepsiCo Partners is an easy-to-use online platform where business customers can search for products, schedule orders in advance, review recent orders and get updates about promotions. Want marketing resources or equipment service repair? That’s here, too.

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Pepsi Dig In

Pepsi Dig In is on a mission to support current and aspiring Black foodservice entrepreneurs by harnessing the resources of PepsiCo and our partners. The initiative aims to generate at least $100 million in sales for Black-owned restaurants over the next five years and provide valuable resources to help them thrive.

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PepsiCo Digital Lab

Every day there are new digital opportunities in the foodservice industry, and we’ve teamed up with the biggest brains in the industry to bring them to you. Through our extensive research and partnerships, PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Labs will help you tackle the toughest challenges in serving consumers in this digital world.

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COVID-19 Resources

The PepsiCo Foodservice team is here to support our partners in these uncertain times. We’re committed to helping you—whether it’s reopening your doors, reimagining your business, or setting the stage for future growth—because we are Stronger Together. Find resources to help each step of the way.

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