global code of conduct

At PepsiCo, we believe acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the right thing to do for our business.

Our Global Code of Conduct:
Doing Business the Right Way

Our PepsiCo Global Code of Conduct (our "Code") was issued effective October 1, 2012 and is amended annually, as needed, to address changing laws or procedures that impact our business. It is designed to provide our employees with specific guidance. All PepsiCo employees are expected to embrace the principles of our Code and:

Our Code helps drive our ethical culture of integrity and is our guide for doing business the right way.

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Speak Up Hotline: If you suspect a possible violation of our code, we encourage you to speak up and report it

If you suspect a possible violation of our Code, we encourage you to Speak Up and report it.

The Speak Up hotline is available worldwide on a 24/7 basis. Reports may be made by phone at 1-866-729-4888 in the United States or to dedicated phone lines in other countries throughout the world.

Reports may also be made electronically by using the Speak Up Webline. The same protections of confidentiality and, where permitted, anonymity are provided through our telephone lines and Webline.

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Overview of Our Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy

This policy emphasizes PepsiCo’s obligation to act ethically and responsibly in all business dealings by providing a clear framework that:

  • Prohibits both public sector and commercial bribery
  • Explains the rules that must be followed regarding gifts, meals, travel, and entertainment relating to Government Officials and customers, suppliers and other third parties
  • Identifies required anticorruption due diligence processes to be conducted on third parties
  • Outlines requirements for donations, sponsorships, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with a government touchpoint
  • Emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate books and records for all PepsiCo transactions
The provisions within this policy apply, where appropriate, to all third parties who are bound by PepsiCo’s Supplier Code of Conduct.